4 comments on “EVENT REVIEW: The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles

  1. I agree that the night was amazing but they paid very little respect to Lennon. They played plenty of George tunes with his buddies. I was ashamed that John and his music were not highlighted more. Is it just me, or is this obvious to others?

      • My guess would be that they were there to also pay tribute to thier parents. I’d also venture to say that they were asked to do it. And why not? The only surviving members are Paul and Ringo so why not have their kids who also have “some” inherited musical talent, pay tribute. By the way, Dhani Harrison was fantastic. He carried the high notes on Something beautifully!
        I asked the same question when I saw Stevie Wonder, Pherril Williams, John Legend and Alicia Keyes. Now there are some artists that make you want to ask “Why”? Although talented at their own game, they should have had some otehr great ROCK artists to fill those shoes.

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