4 comments on “PopZineOnline.com Interview with Carly Rose Sonenclar

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  2. How long have tickets been on sale for her best buy concert? April? and it’s not sold out yet? The price is too steep for someone singing a bunch of covers and 1 original song.

  3. Carly has a beautiful voice, but you can’t hear her when her backup singer is drowing her out. Carly needs to turn her microphone volume up

  4. Carly rose has like the fakest smile ever. all the fandoms (1D, Lovatics, 5H, E3, Mixers, selenators, beasts, and other fandoms) take her pics off google and make fun of her forced, constipated smile. i kid you not. search it on twitter. she might want to fix her smile so they wont make fun of it.

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