4 comments on “Chris Rene Autograph Giveaway! [@MrChrisRene]

  1. I have many reasons why Chris is so special to me, but I LOVE his music (I mean, every song!!) coming out from his soul!! Listening to his music gives me power to say focus on the positivities, and makes me see what’s important in my life..

    Thank you Chris for sharing your music with us, and thank you for this wonderful opportunity to get his autograph!! So excited!

  2. Chris Rene means so much to me because he thought me that anything is possible as long and you LOVE LIFE and believe in yourself no matter how hard something might seem!! I’m one of the youngest renelians as I’m only 14 years old but his music and his love has helped me through so much, without chris rene I wouldn’t be alive now to write this message begging you for his autograph, I live in Ireland so more than likely I will never see him to be able to thank him so I would love this to show to him that he can make a difference and inspire others to choose the right path in life, please consider me for this

  3. If I won this autograph of one of my favorites of all time…@MrChrisRene~ I would #Donate the autograph to someone far away that has not had the pleasure in meeting him like I have..this here is the #RenelianWay!!~ I think someone far away that does not have anything from Chris personally or may never get to meet him for a long time should win this. I want to win this to give back….I bet I could pick the perfect Renelian too as I think I know almost all of them thru my fan site
    World Wide Renelians~& other sites as well and thru twitter & FB~ How does that sound?? When I met Chris…I did not ask for his autograph..instead, I offered mine. I wanted him to always remember his favorite Seattle fan~Slancaster22. #LoveLife & eachother~XC

  4. Chris means so much to me because he inspired me to write again. I had put down the pen years ago, but hearing Chris’s music lit the passion in me and words starting flowing out again. I will always love him for that.

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